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Welcome to the Great Lakes Distance Riding Association (GLDRA)!!     

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GLDRA's New Rider Distance Riding Clinic
April 4, 2015!! 
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And then join us for

GLDRA's first ride for the 2015 season
Very New Rider friendly!!

April 18th and 19th in Brighton, MI!!!

Pre-registration is required and get your campsite early!!


The Great Lakes Distance Riding Association (GLDRA) is dedicated to the education and promotion of equestrian competitive distance riding event participation throughout the state of Michigan. The distance rides in Michigan are sanctioned by the Upper Midwe
st Endurance and Competitive Ride Association (UMECRA).

Most of our endurance rides are 50 miles in length although there are a number of 100 mile in one day rides, one two-day 150 mile ride and one 3-day 150 miler. There are also limited distance endurance rides of 25-35 miles. All our endurance and limited distance rides are also sanctioned by American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC).

Competitive trail rides are ridden within a set time period at speeds of 5 1/2 to 7 miles per hour. The goal is to come in as close to the time given for the ride as you can.  Most are 25-30 miles in length although there are some three-day 100 milers and others of varying lengths. Horses are scored by veterinarians on such factors as pulse, respiration, soundness, fatigue and attitude. Horsemanship is not judged. 

Most of our rides are on state or county trails although some traverse private lands. Road riding is kept to a minimum.

Cost of membership is $20.00 for an individual;  $30 for family, and $10 for a junior. There is also a life time membership for $200. Membership fees include a Newsletter (published here quarterly) and ride booklet containing rules and a flyer for each ride (available each Spring).

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